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Three Ways Yummy Food Boosts Your Productivity

Have you ever took your time to reflect on one of the more productive days that you had at the office and tried to recall what you had for breakfast and lunch. This might surprise you, but there is a high possibility that your diet had most to do with it. This is because food whether natural or processed is the energy that fuels our bodies. Thus, the food we take determine to a great extent our energy levels, and in the same way our productivity.

What’s all the noise about yummy food?

Food Processor2232In many places that you might find an article about food, you will probably get the idea that yummy food is not good for your health. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily true. Yummy generally refers to food that is delicious and pleasing to the senses especially the taste and smell senses. It is however true that forms of tasty food especially processed foods is not good for your health, but so does some other natural kinds of food.

When is yummy good for you?

Delicious food is good for you as long as it is taken in small doses or is taken when the body needs it. For instance, if you are feeling down or fatigued taking a piece of dark-chocolate will help to heighten your moods as it contains magnesium and caffeine that will help to de-stress and improve alertness.

Three ways that delicious foods increase your productivity

Improving your blood flow

The way your body circulates blood determines how fast essential ingredients are taken to various organs. Thus making that avocado smoothie in the morning will be a sure way of ensuring that your blood circulation will be in top-notch condition throughout the day. This prevents you appearing groggy to company visitors and fellow colleagues a fact that may derail your promotion.

Aid your memory, behavioral, and mental functions

Having poor memory, mood swings, or if you are prone to fatigue and depression will never assist you to become more productive. However, if you can constantly make a tasty meal of trout, salmon, sardines, or mackerel, then you will be making a dish that not only satisfies your taste buds, but also goes ahead and improves your memory retention and controls mood swings. So next time you are considering whether to buy that aluminum processor, remember your productivity as well.

Boosts brainpower, improves alertness, and protects your brain

Most leafy vegetables, your favorite berries such as blueberries and raspberries, and green tea, contain antioxidants, caffeine, and carotenoids, that helps protect your brain. Sometimes, making your favorite smoothie in the evening or in the morning may be the best way of getting the best ingredients from these food choices. Thus whether it is that avocado, grape, carrot, or banana smoothie, please make sure that you have a good food processor that can perform a number of tasks, like the ones you can find at Hourglass Brasserie along with all the information there is to know on food possessors. This will not only help you to make those yummy dishes you like easily, but also in a cheaper and friendly atmosphere.


Delicious food is good for you if used in moderation. However, taking any food without regard to your physical, mental, and even psychological health is not safe for you. Hope you have a yummy day.

The Two Fastest and Most Efficient Forms of Cooking

Are you a gourmand and love great food and drinking nice wine? love to cook? If yes then you must be familiar with the fact that there are a number of ways to cook delicious and mouthwatering food for you and your family. What you do not know is that the excessive heat can destroy 20-25 percent of essential vitamins and minerals present in most of the vegetables and meats. Just like wine needs to be served at the right temperature for it to be at its best.
You also may not be aware that your kitchen also consumes energy and as a result you many witness a 40% increase in your energy bills. If you want to safe the nutritional value of the dishes that you prepare and also want to lower your energy bills, you need to leave the traditional ways and tools of cooking and resort to more efficient and high-tech ways of cooking.
Here are some of the latest, fastest, efficient, economical and high-tech ways of cooking to take your cooking skills to the next level.


Microwave111Short cooking time means minimal destruction of vitamins and other nutrients; it also means energy efficiency for sure. What a conventional oven can do in half an hour the Microwave can heat leftovers or cook food in just couple of minutes. A Microwave uses high-frequency electromagnetic waves, also termed as micro-waves to cook or heat the food put inside it. These electromagnetic waves penetrate fast and deep inside the food items placed inside that it gets cooked instantly. As the food is cooked fast and in much less time, therefore using microwave for cooking or heating food items is a very economical way. The best part of microwaving is that you don’t need the extra amount of oil, and you can literary prepare any kind of food in it, like veggies, eggs, rice, meat etcetera and it saves 80% of energy. Once your dish is ready keep in mind to switch off the button of microwave.


Induction cooking is the latest trend in the cooking world; induction cooktops are now widely available in the market. The induction cooktops rely on electromagnetic field to heat up a particular pan. In the induction process, it is the pan that gets heated while the cooking surface remains as it is and you are able to touch it any time. Since, there is no wastage of energy in this type of cooking system, therefore, induction cooking is considered as the most energy efficient and the safest way of cooking. There is no nutritional value lost, plus no waste of energy. There is a induction cooktop for every type of use, and at Induction Select you’ll find a great comparison table that helps you decide which induction cooktop fits your needs the best.

Ok, I won’t let you wait for the answer to this question. The best way to keep your premises clean is by using a power washer.

A power washer, also known as a pressure washer is nothing but a mechanical sprayer which is used to get rid of grime, mold, loose paint and other forms of dirt from the surface of different objects. The volume of pressure exerted by this device is expressed in terms of liter per minute or gallons. This piece of equipment is often designed like a pump, and it comes with an unloading valve which can be used to adjust the pressure.

How it’s Built
Here are the main parts of this device
  • Motor: It comes with a motor which can be hydraulic, pneumatic, internal combustion or driven by electricity. The pump is used to drive a water pump which requires high pressure.
  • Hose: It is through the hose, the high pressure is being generated. Like the hose nozzles used in gardens, the water’s velocity can be increased with the help of this hose.
  • Trigger Gun: The trigger gun is used to set the device in action.
What to Look For
If you are planning to buy one of these devices, then there are certain aspects which you must bear in mind. Look out for the following features.
  • Size and Weight: Make sure it is light weighted and compact in terms of size. This would help with operating this device.
  • Hose: The host should be able to generate high pressure and must be flexible.
  • Nozzles: Opt for those, which come with varieties of different types of nozzles.
  • Spray Wand: Make sure that the spray wand is made of steel
  • Detergent Tank: The device must be available with an on board detergent tank.
  • Spray Gun: A machine with an on board spray gun is always recommended
How to Get the Best Out of It
Here are a few tips which you might find useful while using this device.
  • To ensure that the pump and tank is protected from corrosion and freezing during the winter, pump preservatives should be used.
  • Take a bottom-up approach when it comes to washing any vertical surface. While rinsing, take a top-down approach.
  • It is recommended that you used the low-pressure, broadest nozzle which can deliver sufficient cleaning. If you try and use a narrow nozzle, it might cut the surface you intend to clean.
  • Make sure to hold the nozzle at a distance from the surface you are cleaning. This would prevent it from being damaged. In order to get the best of results, the tip of the nozzle should be positioned at an angle.
  • Never spray water under or behind vertical surfaces like lap siding. Maintain the rule when it comes to electrical equipment like lights, air-conditioners, attic vents or soffit vents.
  • Make sure you move the nozzle so that the water does not cut into the surface (as this might lead to humidity problems
  • Before you fill up the fuel tank of the pressure washer, make sure that the gasoline is being treated with fuel stabilizer.

These devices are very efficient when it comes to cleaning. They are capable of removing the most stubborn stain marks and dirt, and they are even available with more advanced features.

Wash Wisely
NY State Department of Environmental Conservation


Prom nights are awaited for years, and when they do come, you need to make sure you look at your best on these nights. Besides looking for a stylish prom night dress and shoes to wear with it, you also need to give due importance to your hair, as they make an important part of your overall personality. With an elegant and stylish dress, nice and attractive makeup, you also need to wear your hair in a way that looks perfect with your get up.

Girls who are financially strong can afford to pay a visit to a beauty salon just before the prom night, however, the ones who are not so blessed can buy some hair styling tools and enjoy the same looks without spending too much money.

Below are some of the essential hair styling tools, which can make your look like a princess in your prom night.


    CURLING WANDIt does not matter whether you have short hair, long hair or medium length hair, adding curls to your hairstyle can add texture, playfulness, and movement to them and there is no better tool to do that than a curling wand. You can enjoy Taylor Swift’s spiral curls or create soft, loose waves by using a curling wand. It is very easy to create a strong statement by going for a pin curled princess look with the help of your curling wand. The pin curled princess look will complement any prom dress your chose to wear on that special night. Impress your friends, your classmates, and the special one with your curls and make a bold statement that last in their minds for days and months to come.


    Girls who have natural curly hair and want to go with a different look in their prom night can rely on a flat iron to give them the looks, which can leave everyone spell bound. Flat irons are used to give your curly hair a nice, straight and sleek look and you can find them from a wide range of different companies. Once your curls are gone and your hairs are straight, there are a number of hair styles you can go with, like the Flippy shag, the Teased shag, the Asymmetrical shag, the Rocker Chic shag, or the sleek shag.
    With these two amazing hair styling tools by your side, you can easily impress anyone in the prom night function with your looks and personality.

Source: Hair Straightener Studio

How Much Does Humidity Actually Degrade Your Home?

Despite the fact that humidity is necessary, high levels of humidity can prove to be critical. Not only does humidity make you feel uncomfortable but it can make you ill as well. Along with all the other problems it causes, it also affects your house adversely, especially during hot weather when the air around us is more moist and damp. Below mentioned are ways through which humidity degrades your home and how to ward against it.

Underground and Attic Spaces

Closed and rarely accessed places always face a problem of high humidity than usual, but during summer when humidity in the air is high, the condition in such places is worsened by combined effect of moisture from ground and high humidity in air. This causes deposition of condensates on walls along with other surfaces inducing musty smell which can eventually transform into mold and mildew problems.

humidifiers home dehumidify Absorb humidityWhile it is necessary to maintain airflow to deal with high humidity in other parts of the house, the basement should be closed and sealed to prevent consequences of condensation. Insulating the basement with water proof insulation and installing a dehumidifier with a pump to extract water should help prevent damage. Integrate a humidistat with the dehumidifier so you can monitor humidity levels.

Attics are also prone to damage that humidity causes, during summer season when humidity levels are high, moisture might be deposited on the underside of your roof which also degrades your decking. Proper ventilation in attic serves in preventing such damage.
Pipes and tanks are also subjected to consequences of high humidity. Moisture is also developed on their surfaces which can be prevented by use of waterproof insulation to minimize condensation.

Floor Damage

Wood flooring or carpets are most susceptible to mold and mildew growth since they provide best environment for their growth. It becomes almost impossible to get rid of these fungi once they develop so it is in your best interest to avoid such plights. Use of air conditioner of dehumidifier reduces thwarts growth of such fungi.

If these fungi grow on your carpet, then send it to professionals for washing and get it completely dried. If your wood flooring becomes a victim of mildew, then wash it off with disinfectants and consider coating it with a mildew resistant paint.

Wall and Door Damage

Humidity can damage your walls internally and externally, it can build up mold and mildew inside your walls while it can cause your paint to bubble and peel off. It’s even proven that the smell of mold may interfere with sleep.
When wood absorbs moisture, it expands and warps. High humidity levels can damage your doors and you will face problems while operating them.

Paint your walls with moisture blocking paints and seal off any leaks, gaps or cracks that can endanger your wall. If you live in a high humidity region, then consider installing a whole house humidifier because it can single handedly take care of all the spaces in your house. Its initial cost might be high but it’s beneficial in the long term.

How Memory Foam Mattresses Provide for a More Restful Sleep

If you’re looking for a bed that offers true warmth and support, plus comfort, then you might want to consider getting a memory foam mattress. It’s viscoelastic and non-toxic, and what’s great about it is that it can easily adapt to your body’s shape while you’re sleeping.

Lessens pressure on the spine and back

Memory FoamThis is one of the reasons this type of bed is highly recommended for patients complaining of pain in their back and spine while sleeping. Because as you can see at Foam Nights, the mattress can respond to your body’s pressure and heat, hence any neck discomfort and back pain can be alleviated. Of course, you shouldn’t expect positive results after sleeping on it the first time. Give it some time and getting used to, as you should do with any type of mattress.

Another benefit of memory foam is that it corrects breathing problems while sleeping and reduces chronic respiratory issues. Just like exercising, it may also help in realigning your hips, spine and neck.

Is it great for allergy sufferers?

Yes, it is. It’s resistant to mites. This type of mattress is hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry about your allergies, if you have any.

And if you have a spouse, you’ll not notice him/her moving while you’re in the same bed. This is because the bed offers individual sleeping position. Thus, transfer of movement can be avoided.

If you’re concerned about your wine collection, it’s best to purchase a wine cooler that can appropriately store the wines that you have. A wine cooler isn’t the same as your refrigerator that stores your food. Rather, it’s designed to store your wines and keep them away from sunlight or unstable temperatures. Not all units are the same. Some are designed for storing wines for a short period while others are for storing wines in a longer period of time.

Storing your wine properly can add life to your collection. It can also avoid spoilage, plus it ensures that the wine will still taste good after a long period of time.

What’s the proper temperature for your wine collection?

The general rule is to keep it between 33 degrees and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I know this isn’t particular helpful but there are so many wines on this planet that you just can’t be more specific. Wines taste good at different temperatures, but I have found some general guidelines about the matter in case you would like to know more.

A basic rule though is that the warmer the temperature, the quicker your wine matures. This may be what you want to achieve, but doing it too quickly may give adverse results, so the common advise is to store your wines cool (but not cold!).
You should consult the manufacturer of the wine to know the right temperature for a particular wine. It’s also important that the temperature is constant. Fluctuating temperature is the worst enemy of any type of wine, be it red or white.

How about humidity?

A wine cooler can also adjust the proper humidity for your wine collection. Keep it between 60% and 70%. In this way, the moisture won’t leak to the cork of the wine causing the taste to evaporate. If it’s below 70%, it encourages the growth of molds allowing the wine to age faster and may spoil it.

Your wine cooler must be installed in a place where there’s no direct sunlight. It’s true that wine is packed in colored bottles to protect it from the damaging effects of light. However, it’s still important to install the wine cooler away from direct sunlight.

What’s the best wine cooler that you must have?

It depends on your collection. If you have both wine and red wines, it’s best to consider getting a dual zone cooler. It has two compartments with different temps for white and red wines.

If you want to have a cooler that’s under the counter, you should consider having built-in cooler. It’s more expensive but it’s worth it. It can have rolling shelves, temperature controls and other state-of-the-art features that can perfectly preserve the taste of your wine collection.

Regardless of the brand or model of wine cooler you wish to have, make sure that it can maintain the quality of your wine collection.

Cooling Wine
Wine Spectator


Whether you are a male or female, a kid or a senior, you need to make sure you stay fit all the time in order to enjoy the full benefits of life. The only way to stay fit and healthy is to pay attention to what you eat and what you do. If you eat fresh, healthy and nutritious food and do daily exercises, you will be able to stay fit and enjoy every minute of your life. You do not necessarily have to do thousands of pushups or run 20 miles a day to achieve this goal, by just making sure that all your body parts get to move repeatedly for a few minutes till your body starts sweating, you can maintain a good physique and good mental health.

Following are some of the exercising equipments, which your whole family can benefit from, by using them on regular basis.

  1.  A Treadmill
    TreadmillA treadmill is basically a machine used indoors for walking and/or running purposes. It comes both in manual or automatic style, and both can be used by any member of your family. The manual treadmill is easy to operate and lasts for longer period of time. All you need to do is spend at least 30 minutes walking or running on the belt with your hands holding the handles on both sides. The belt adjusts to your speed of walking or running, so you will have no problems adjusting to this machine.
  2. Exercise Bike
    Exercise BikeA recumbent exercise bike is especially designed for people who suffer from some sort of joint or back pain problems. Some seniors may encounter this type of problem and a recumbent bicycle provides them support they need to still carryon their daily exercise routine. Normal people, who do not suffer from any kind of joint or knee pains, can also use a recumbent bicycle any time they want to burn some calories and move their body parts.
  3. Step Machines
    Step machines also referred to as ski machines or ellipticals are a replacement of stairs. When to use a step machine, you are imitating as if you are climbing on stairs. You stand straight on this machine and put your feet on the two pedals and push them up and down. A step machine can help any member of your family make leg and thigh muscles strong.

Main Source: Indoor Training Bikes