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Carpooling, Bringing Lunch, and Three More Tips to Save Money During the Workweek

Having a job is a blessing. You applied for one not only to build a career because you need to get paid to survive. However, for many, saving money could be a challenge. Yes, you have a job but are you actually saving any money? Some would even make it an excuse that they work so they can enjoy life. While that is true, setting aside cash for rainy days is also very important. If you’re that type of person who splurges on gadgets, clothes, and even luxurious travels but each time there’s an emergency such as car repair needs or hospitalizations, if you end up borrowing money, that’s not good at all. You can’t expect people to be happy to lend you money if you were spending cash on unimportant things.

Now you don’t have to be miserable and just save all your money without enjoying even a bit of it. Perhaps you can cut around the edges when it comes to your daily expenditures. It doesn’t matter if you’re single and you only need to save for yourself or if you already have a family of your own and you need to set aside some savings for your kids. You can save a few dollars every single day by keeping in mind these tips below.

1. Leave your cards at home and bring only the cash you need for the day.

If you have your credit cards with you every day, it will be hard to fight the temptation of buying that pretty bag you saw in the mall or that rare pair of sneakers that just came out today. Leave your cards at home and just bring enough cash that you would need for that day. If you saw something that you want to buy and you really, really want it, you have the rest of the day and night to think about whether you want to get it, then you can bring that cash tomorrow instead.

2. Find people to carpool with.

Gas and parking fees cost a lot of money if you have to spend for this every single day. If you can, find colleagues or people who work in the same area who you can ride to work with. It’s relaxing to be able to not drive a few times a week and you might meet some new people. By splitting these expenses, you can definitely save a lot of money.

3. Bring packed lunch.

Even if your company’s cafeteria food is delicious and affordable, you can still save money by bringing packed lunch to work. You can always bring last night’s leftovers. It is a very effective way of cooking if you make some extra so you can take some with you to work the next day. It saves you a lot of time and you can also choose to pack healthy meals too!

4. Keep snacks in your desk drawer.

Espresso Machine ReviewsKeep biscuits and some chips in your drawer so you won’t have to go out and buy snacks if you hear your tummy rumbling. If you have a coffee grinder in the office, that’s better because you no longer have to buy overpriced coffee at Starbucks or some coffee shop. Just go to Espresso Gusto instead and learn how to bring coffee beans and brew your own cup of delicious coffee – anytime you like.

5. Set a goal.

Lastly, you have to set a goal. You have to have a particular amount of savings that you should be setting aside every paycheck. You can motivate yourself by always being reminded how much you want something – whether it’s material such as a car or a new house or simply the fulfillment, security and peace of mind of finally having enough savings for your future. With this in mind, you will think twice each time you spend your money.