Five Tips to Find a Lost Item in Your Home

It could be very frustrating if you lost an item especially if it’s in your own home. If you drop a piece of paper in the office or even on your way to work or school, it could be frustrating but you easily learn how to let go because you know that there’s probably no way to find it anymore. However, if you lose something inside your home and you just can’t seem to find it, it becomes more frustrating and even annoying because you know it’s just there and you just don’t know where to look.

This happens to a lot of us all the time. It could be that receipt for the skirt you want to exchange or refund, the TV remote control, the ribbon your child chooses to wear for the day and she just wouldn’t pick anything else, your car keys, your mobile phone (especially when it’s on silent mode) and a whole lot more. You would think that for as long as you’re super organized, live healthy, Have a good nights rest and you have everything in its proper order and position, you wouldn’t lose anything at all especially in your own home; however, it still happens.

So here are 5 easy tips to help you get rid of that frustrating feeling when trying to find a lost item in your home.

1. Think. Think hard.

Stop talking, complaining, blaming people or even screaming. You look for lost items with your eyes and not with your mouth. Your brain dictates what your eyes can see or where to look so use your mind and think hard. Try to remember where you last saw that item or when you last felt it in your pocket. If that doesn’t work, then proceed to the next tip.

2. Turn on the lights.

Even if it’s day time and there’s little light that comes into a room, turn on the lights or even use a flash light. You need to see everything clearly in order for you to spot a lost item especially if it’s small. Use a flashlight to look under the bed, the tables, the couch and everywhere else. It’s common sense, really. If you can’t see clearly, how can you find what you’re looking for?

3. Trace back your steps.

garage door openerDid you just come home from work? Were you in the kitchen or in your bedroom? Look even in the weirdest places. You might have unknowingly placed the remote control in the ref while you got a bottle of juice or you might have dropped your car keys the moment you locked your car door. Turn on the garage door opener and let the natural light come in. You might have even left the item outside and you’ll only know that when the garage door is open.

4. Ask if anyone has seen it.
Now if you already tried to look but you can’t find it on your own, it’s time to ask for help. Ask family members if they’ve seen what you’re looking for because they might have and placed it somewhere else.

5. Learn to let go.

It happens to a lot of people—you can’t find something when you’re looking for it but when you’re not, you will finally see it. If you just can’t find what you’re looking for, then start letting go. Think of a backup plan. Do you have a universal remote control that you can use instead? Do you have spare car keys? If what you’re looking for is just inside your home, you will find it eventually but for now, learn to let go and move on. You can’t keep looking for an entire day or two!

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