How Much Does Humidity Actually Degrade Your Home?

Despite the fact that humidity is necessary, high levels of humidity can prove to be critical. Not only does humidity make you feel uncomfortable but it can make you ill as well. Along with all the other problems it causes, it also affects your house adversely, especially during hot weather when the air around us is more moist and damp. Below mentioned are ways through which humidity degrades your home and how to ward against it.

Underground and Attic Spaces

Closed and rarely accessed places always face a problem of high humidity than usual, but during summer when humidity in the air is high, the condition in such places is worsened by combined effect of moisture from ground and high humidity in air. This causes deposition of condensates on walls along with other surfaces inducing musty smell which can eventually transform into mold and mildew problems.

humidifiers home dehumidify Absorb humidityWhile it is necessary to maintain airflow to deal with high humidity in other parts of the house, the basement should be closed and sealed to prevent consequences of condensation. Insulating the basement with water proof insulation and installing a dehumidifier with a pump to extract water should help prevent damage. Integrate a humidistat with the dehumidifier so you can monitor humidity levels.

Attics are also prone to damage that humidity causes, during summer season when humidity levels are high, moisture might be deposited on the underside of your roof which also degrades your decking. Proper ventilation in attic serves in preventing such damage.
Pipes and tanks are also subjected to consequences of high humidity. Moisture is also developed on their surfaces which can be prevented by use of waterproof insulation to minimize condensation.

Floor Damage

Wood flooring or carpets are most susceptible to mold and mildew growth since they provide best environment for their growth. It becomes almost impossible to get rid of these fungi once they develop so it is in your best interest to avoid such plights. Use of air conditioner of dehumidifier reduces thwarts growth of such fungi.

If these fungi grow on your carpet, then send it to professionals for washing and get it completely dried. If your wood flooring becomes a victim of mildew, then wash it off with disinfectants and consider coating it with a mildew resistant paint.

Wall and Door Damage

Humidity can damage your walls internally and externally, it can build up mold and mildew inside your walls while it can cause your paint to bubble and peel off. It’s even proven that the smell of mold may interfere with sleep.
When wood absorbs moisture, it expands and warps. High humidity levels can damage your doors and you will face problems while operating them.

Paint your walls with moisture blocking paints and seal off any leaks, gaps or cracks that can endanger your wall. If you live in a high humidity region, then consider installing a whole house humidifier because it can single handedly take care of all the spaces in your house. Its initial cost might be high but it’s beneficial in the long term.