The Number One Trick for Serving Wine at the Correct Temperature

If you’re concerned about your wine collection, it’s best to purchase a wine cooler that can appropriately store the wines that you have. A wine cooler isn’t the same as your refrigerator that stores your food. Rather, it’s designed to store your wines and keep them away from sunlight or unstable temperatures. Not all units are the same. Some are designed for storing wines for a short period while others are for storing wines in a longer period of time.

Storing your wine properly can add life to your collection. It can also avoid spoilage, plus it ensures that the wine will still taste good after a long period of time.

What’s the proper temperature for your wine collection?

The general rule is to keep it between 33 degrees and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I know this isn’t particular helpful but there are so many wines on this planet that you just can’t be more specific. Wines taste good at different temperatures, but I have found some general guidelines about the matter in case you would like to know more.

A basic rule though is that the warmer the temperature, the quicker your wine matures. This may be what you want to achieve, but doing it too quickly may give adverse results, so the common advise is to store your wines cool (but not cold!).
You should consult the manufacturer of the wine to know the right temperature for a particular wine. It’s also important that the temperature is constant. Fluctuating temperature is the worst enemy of any type of wine, be it red or white.

How about humidity?

A wine cooler can also adjust the proper humidity for your wine collection. Keep it between 60% and 70%. In this way, the moisture won’t leak to the cork of the wine causing the taste to evaporate. If it’s below 70%, it encourages the growth of molds allowing the wine to age faster and may spoil it.

Your wine cooler must be installed in a place where there’s no direct sunlight. It’s true that wine is packed in colored bottles to protect it from the damaging effects of light. However, it’s still important to install the wine cooler away from direct sunlight.

What’s the best wine cooler that you must have?

It depends on your collection. If you have both wine and red wines, it’s best to consider getting a dual zone cooler. It has two compartments with different temps for white and red wines.

If you want to have a cooler that’s under the counter, you should consider having built-in cooler. It’s more expensive but it’s worth it. It can have rolling shelves, temperature controls and other state-of-the-art features that can perfectly preserve the taste of your wine collection.

Regardless of the brand or model of wine cooler you wish to have, make sure that it can maintain the quality of your wine collection.

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