Three Ways Yummy Food Boosts Your Productivity

Have you ever took your time to reflect on one of the more productive days that you had at the office and tried to recall what you had for breakfast and lunch. This might surprise you, but there is a high possibility that your diet had most to do with it. This is because food whether natural or processed is the energy that fuels our bodies. Thus, the food we take determine to a great extent our energy levels, and in the same way our productivity.

What’s all the noise about yummy food?

Food Processor2232In many places that you might find an article about food, you will probably get the idea that yummy food is not good for your health. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily true. Yummy generally refers to food that is delicious and pleasing to the senses especially the taste and smell senses. It is however true that forms of tasty food especially processed foods is not good for your health, but so does some other natural kinds of food.

When is yummy good for you?

Delicious food is good for you as long as it is taken in small doses or is taken when the body needs it. For instance, if you are feeling down or fatigued taking a piece of dark-chocolate will help to heighten your moods as it contains magnesium and caffeine that will help to de-stress and improve alertness.

Three ways that delicious foods increase your productivity

Improving your blood flow

The way your body circulates blood determines how fast essential ingredients are taken to various organs. Thus making that avocado smoothie in the morning will be a sure way of ensuring that your blood circulation will be in top-notch condition throughout the day. This prevents you appearing groggy to company visitors and fellow colleagues a fact that may derail your promotion.

Aid your memory, behavioral, and mental functions

Having poor memory, mood swings, or if you are prone to fatigue and depression will never assist you to become more productive. However, if you can constantly make a tasty meal of trout, salmon, sardines, or mackerel, then you will be making a dish that not only satisfies your taste buds, but also goes ahead and improves your memory retention and controls mood swings. So next time you are considering whether to buy that aluminum processor, remember your productivity as well.

Boosts brainpower, improves alertness, and protects your brain

Most leafy vegetables, your favorite berries such as blueberries and raspberries, and green tea, contain antioxidants, caffeine, and carotenoids, that helps protect your brain. Sometimes, making your favorite smoothie in the evening or in the morning may be the best way of getting the best ingredients from these food choices. Thus whether it is that avocado, grape, carrot, or banana smoothie, please make sure that you have a good food processor that can perform a number of tasks, like the ones you can find at Hourglass Brasserie along with all the information there is to know on food possessors. This will not only help you to make those yummy dishes you like easily, but also in a cheaper and friendly atmosphere.


Delicious food is good for you if used in moderation. However, taking any food without regard to your physical, mental, and even psychological health is not safe for you. Hope you have a yummy day.